steverolston (steverolston) wrote,

RIP Minx

I'm awake hours too early due to sleep paralysis and monsters attacking me from under the bed.

And I see the East Coast is wide awake and reporting the demise of DC's Minx imprint. I got the news yesterday and am quite bummed. I'd be bummed even if I wasn't involved, since I think Minx could have been a great thing for comics.

EMIKO SUPERSTAR, the graphic novel I did with writer Mariko Tamaki, will still be released from Minx on October 8th. What I hadn't announced yet was that we had already begun work on a spin-off graphic novel. DC has invited us to re-pitch it as a Vertigo book.

In the meantime, I'll most likely be diving into work on GHOST PROJEKT, the supernatural thriller Joe Harris and I have planned at Oni Press. So at least I won't be twiddling my thumbs and wandering the streets. Shouldn't be, at least.
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